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Apr 21, 2016 –IRCTC ties up with Simpli5d Technologies

IRCTC ties up with Simpli5d Technologies to power captchas on its ticket booking website

PUNE: IRCTC has tied up with Simpli5d Technologies, the company behind NLP Captcha to power the captchas on its train ticket booking website. A Captcha is typically a set of letters or numbers you are required to fill before proceeding with certain transactions so that the website knows that you're a human and not a bot. NLP Captcha is an audience intelligence platform that replaces the tradition captchas with advertiser driven content.

At IRCTC, security and user experience are the most critical concern for us and at the same time we look for new avenues of revenue other than the core business of ticketing. NLPCaptcha fits in beautifully into all this - it provides better security, enhanced user experience and an altogether new stream of advertising revenues for IRCTC, said a senior IRCTC official.

IRCTC handles over one million ecommerce transactions a day and over 100 million captchas are solved on the platform every month, which will be replaced by NLP Captchas. Amit Mittal, CEO, Simpli5d Technologies told ET that this tie up would triple the volumes that the company currently handles.

IRCTC is the largest ecommerce platform in the country with 50 million unique visitors a month. This will give us 125 million engagement opportunities," he said. The partnership gives Simpli5d Technologies sole monetisation rights for the entire captcha inventory on the IRCTC platform.

Various brands, including AirtelBSE 0.25 %, Lava and Pepsi have already signed on to advertise on IRCTC. So instead of entering a random set of letters to validate who you are, you will now see branded content and will either have to enter specific text related to the ad or click on something to validate it.

Set up in 2012, the company current works with almost 100 content publishers and has over 80 brands advertising on it. Mittal said that the company enters into revenue sharing agreements with the publishers, and a portion of the advertising money it received would go to them.