Simpli5d Tech Introduces Mechanical Platform To Help Prevent Online Ad Frauds


Gurgaon-based an anti-fraud technology company, Simpli5d Technologies, is offering ingenious technology platforms for impactful digital advertisements.

Like Everything Else, Bots Are Going Mobile


Perhaps you are like me; I get tired of having to prove that I’m a human when I visit certain websites. As annoying as it may be, especially trying to read CAPTCHA figures and get them correct on the first try, some new research by Distil Networks shows why it is important that I prove that I am a living.

Digital Display Ad Fraud: Best Practices for Buyers


Ad fraud, the practice of falsifying site traffic counts or activities using deceptive tactics, is a top digital display advertising concern.

The Real Victims of Ad Fraud Might Surprise You


Advertisers have been making a lot of noise about viewability and fraud lately. And with good reason -- according to sources like comScore and Google, half of online advertising dollars go to waste due to bots, click fraud and out-of-sight placements.